The Zündapp KS600 was a motorcycle used by Germany during World War II.


The KS600 was powered by a single 28 hp, 2-cylinder four stroke valve petrol engine, giving a top speed of 100 km/h. The KS600 required of only one driver, and could carry up to two passengers. The KS600 was 2.17 meters long, 1.09 meters wide, and 0.91 meters high. The KS600 design was usually paired with the Steib BW38 sidecar, which was solely designed for military purposes.[1]


The KS600 was designed in 1937-38 by the Zünder und Apparatebau GmbH company in response to the Wehrmacht's call for a motorcycle capable of carry 500 kilograms, roughly the equivalent of three fully equipped infantrymen, a cruising speed of between 3 to 80 kilometers per hour, and a ground clearance of at least 15 centimeters. The design was accepted in 1938, and production lasted until 1941. The KS 600 was then replaced by the newer Zündapp KS750, but many remained in both military and civilian use. In 1949, a second production run was taken until 1951, some 18,000 models being produced in total.[1]


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