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Warsaw Uprising-Captured SdKfz 251

A captured SdKfz 251 in Polish use during the Uprising.

The Warsaw Uprising was an effort made by the Polish Home Army to retake the city of Warsaw from Nazi Germany during World War II.


Lasting from August 1st to October 2nd 1944, the uprising resulted in a major loss for the Poles, and causing most of the city to be destroyed. It was a part of Operation Tempest, which was a series of uprisings conducted across Poland as the Soviet forces advanced closer to the country. One of the main reasons the Uprising failed was the lack of support from the Red Army, who were close enough to help but controversially refused to.[1]

In addition, Stalin refused a British and American request to land on Soviet soil, in order to provide the Home Army with arms and medical supplies. Home Army detachments from outside Warsaw who attempted to aid the uprising were surrounded and disarmed by the Red Army.[2]


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