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  • Flanimal4114

    I Make Maps Graphs

    February 21, 2018 by Flanimal4114

    Hello, In case you are ever interested I do profesionally make map graphs! I do so for only $5 per map (and can work a deal for more maps for free). If you need a map graph to display any battles, conquests etc I would be happy to make custom maps graphs for you!

    Link to my fiverr:

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  • Flanimal4114

    The Polish Defences

    February 24, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    Laterly i have been doing some deep reserch into the polish invasion, some of which i will slowly type up onto the wiki if i can get round to it. Any who, it is very amazing to me how well defenceive the polish army was, espeshaly at the battle of westerplatte, where they held out with out supplies and reinforcesments for 7 days!

    I am going to be doing a big project now on the polish invasion, so any links to websites, names of living survivors etc would be very nice :D And if anyone wants to help out on this project your very welcome to :)

    - The Flanimal - Sezonian Airforce ;)

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