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All the parts of the wiki need to be fully operational for the wiki to achieve its goals

Hello everyone! Today I come with a different form of newsletter/update. Today I will be discussing the various things that will have to be done on the wiki in the next couple of months. While they may not be absolute priorities, they are things that I have marked as being necessary to the development of the wiki. They can be found below:

Image Summaries

Not only do these small pieces of text help the wiki's SEO, they help our contributors to know the source of images. This is especially important for the Image Archive which relies heavily on sourcing historical images. 

Clean up All Articles in the 'Articles for Cleanup' Category

Ultimately, our goal on the wiki is to have all articles up to the highest level of quality possible. However, covering such a broad topic, that simply is not possible yet. Regardless, the pages found in the 'Articles for Cleanup' category are simply too unorganized and need to be fixed as soon as possible. 

Complete the Navboxes

This has been on the wiki to-do list for quite some time now. While our progress in completing them is very good, there are still a number of pages which do not have any navboxes assigned to them. 

Improve the Visual Design of the Wiki

The wiki's design has been an ever-evolving project that we continue to work on. However, there are some parts where things can be improved, bugs can be fixed, and new things added. Improving the design also helps with the task of increasing the overall SEO of the wiki and can give us a more professional appearance.

These are what I have listed done so far but I will continue to add more things here as time goes on. 

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