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I've noticed in my several years here working on the wiki a saddening fact that I think can be prevented. Perhaps the most common reason I've heard as to why readers don't contribute is that they lack the time to do so. However, I would like to present the idea that there is still a way to contribute even when one has the idea they lack time. For one, it has often been noted that taking time off of a problem and completely distracting oneself with other activities before returning to the problem greatly increases overall creativity. As such, I can personally recommend the practice of editing the wiki to relax or to focus.

Also importantly, by editing the wiki, you can be assured that you are helping to build a better public knowledge of the war and its many aspects. I should also emphasize that editing the wiki is not a process that has to take hours. In fact, making a useful contribution can take as little as ten minutes from your overall day. Simply correcting spelling/grammar mistakes is a useful service and shows us that you care enough about the project to make the change. So please, if you are a reader of the wiki and you believe you have no time to edit, analyze your entire day and try to find at least one ten minute block of time when you can edit.

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