Hello everyone,

SU-76 fighting in a town in Germany, April 1945

Even if you upload a photo that needs extra information for example, don't worry about it. We'll add all the necessary information.

Today I will be discussing a fact that is truly beginning to show itself on the wiki's front page polls. This fact is that many of our readers who want to contribute simply do not have the time to. While it may appear that there is nothing to change about this issue, I am writing this blog post to tell people that there is. This blog post is a message to everyone that reads the wiki and wants to contribute. My request to all of you is simply to do one thing every day you visit the wiki. This can be something easy like creating your account on day one and then uploading a photo on day two or it can be something a bit harder like creating a stub one day and adding a paragraph to it everyday until its done. 

It may not seem like much, but that single edit or change made every day you guys visit will make our jobs as editors easier. What you choose to edit will be inspiration for us to edit it further. The edit can be big or small, we appreciate all the help. As many of you know, we are a small community of editors, so seeing that our readers enjoy our content and want to help is truly what keeps us going. So please, for just ten minutes of your time, every day you visit the wiki, just leave a single edit to keep our wiki going.

Since some of you may not know what to edit at first, here are some stubs that I've gathered from around the wiki that could use that one photo, citation, spelling correction, etc. We also encourage you guys to add the unique stuff like articles about your home town if it had some involvement in World War II or perhaps a company that you know that has its roots in World War II.


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