M4 Sherman

Our new contributors have given a lot to the wiki, including this fantastic photograph

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in newsletters, but I wanted to make sure that as much news as possible was in this edition. Let us start off of course with the World War II fact of the day as always. Today in 1944, Finland signed an armistice with the Soviet Union. Anyway, in these past weeks since the last newsletter, quite a lot has happened. Perhaps the most notable of these events is our shout-out from the YouTuber, The Mighty Jingles and the subsequent influx of new contributors that has followed. As noted in a previous announcement, we are very happy to welcome all of you who saw our shout-out and hope you will continue to edit with us for a long time. Also being done one the wiki was the complete rewriting of our Manual of Style. I worked hard to make it as comprehensive and easy to understand as possible, but if anything is still confusing, please let me know so I can revise it. Another new addition is the creation of many, many banners to replace the old headers in the list articles. They were designed to be very clean and match well with our wiki logo. These can be viewed in pretty much any list article on the wiki except for the unit lists which are currently still in progress. Be sure to check back to this newsletter to get the latest updates for the next week or so.

Other Notable Changes

  • The main page has been modified to accommodate three new banners to let new users know where to go. These will probably stay, but be rotated out with new banners to alert users of different things.
  • The WWII Wiki is now affiliated with the Military Wiki

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