We'll be home by Christmas!

WWII Fact: Today, the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano was sunk by an American submarine, the largest ship ever sunk by such a craft

Hello everyone! It's been a couple months since the last newsletter, meaning it must be time for this one. Of course as indicated by the large banner atop the page, the biggest news this month is probably the drive to get 1,600 articles by Christmas. Overall progress has been a bit slow, but the number of new articles climbed a bit nonetheless. In other news, all of the wiki's infoboxes have been upgraded to the new portable infobox standard, meaning that they are less complicated overall, making for easier editing and they should appear much cleaner when viewed on mobile devices. Accompanying these upgrades are a couple visual changes made to the infoboxes such as the creation of new flag icons.

Also new is a list for all Uniforms and Equipment of World War II, greatly expanding our coverage of articles. Uniforms and equipment are usually not specifically documented or are otherwise quite difficult to find good pictures of. So, if you have anything to document, be sure to post it in the comments of this newsletter and I'll make sure it is added to the appropriate article.

All in all, I've seen some good things on the wiki these couple of weeks, and I'm very proud to see how the wiki has changed in the span of a whole year. I've also seen the return of some previously inactive users so I hope that they stick around. Having a good community is one of the most important features of the wiki and I hope that doesn't change.

Other Notable Changes/Issues

  • Many of the maintenance reports visible in the admin dashboard such as Special:BrokenRedirects have been cleaned up
  • The Battle infobox has been greatly cleaned up and should finally be up and running for widespread use
  • Portable infoboxes overall have made many previously messy infoboxes (Units, organizations, etc.) easy to use and visually pleasing
  • Photos with bad/misleading/random titles are still a problem for organization and are still clogging up Special:Uncategorizedimages.

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