The main feature for this newsletter is the latest Warriors of the Sky Drive!

Hello everyone! The time between these newsletters has been getting longer and that can only mean that progress is slowing down. Regardless, as any newsletter, let us begin with the fact of the day. Today in 1945, US Marine forces captured Ishimmi Ridge on Okinawa after a very bloody struggle. Despite the war ending in Europe days before, the Pacific theater was still very much active. Anyway, back to the wiki. The biggest change so far is probably the latest Warriors of the Sky improvement drive centered around the pilots who fought during World War II. Users and readers can view the Sign-up Sheet for more information and links to the articles for the most notable pilots in the drive. 

Other Notable Changes

  • The wiki is nearing the milestone of 1,100 articles
  • The Wanted Pages along with other project pages are currently being remodelled
  • The Policies are currently being expanded
  • The Wiki logo has been changed to a new work in progress version

Known Bugs

  • The wiki logo is currently broken on mobile devices due to the use of an .svg file format. It may come to the debate between an HD logo or a mobile friendly logo. (Fixed!)


The WWII Wiki is now an affiliate of WWII Vehicles. Be sure to check out their site!

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