Two M-42 Anti-Tank Guns being towed through the streets by horses, Berlin 1945

WWII Fact: Today in 1945, Soviet troops under the command of Georgi Zhukov crossed the original German-Polish border of 1939 and entered into Germany.

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new year of new goals! As always, the newsletter is here to fill you in on what you may have missed in the past couple of months. For starters, one notable addition to the wiki has been our new set of official wiki avatars for use by any and all who wish to do so!

They can be found here: World War II Wiki:Avatars

Since this newsletter also covers news from December, I should mention that back in early December of last year, we exchanged articles with the Gas Mask and Respirator Wiki, adding many new articles about an otherwise unknown topic. In other news, the top navigation has been modified slightly to include even more lists. While I haven't gotten around to planning the lists yet, I have at least decided their content, a new list for factories, and a new list for types of fortifications. Both of these cover topics that I think would greatly benefit the wiki, though I will need help finding reliable information on both. So if you have any good sources or materials, I would appreciate a comment listing them.

As a final note, I just wanted to stress to people that one of the things that sets our wiki apart from other websites is its unique content. Not only do we have original photographs in our image archive or documents available for download, but we also have many articles on topics that really do not get covered all that often. I am talking about our coverage on uniforms, tactics, unit organization, the chain of command, etc. That is why I encourage you to add articles about anything you know. We need your knowledge to fill the gaps that others may have left behind. You, the editor, the reader, are our greatest asset. Thanks for sticking around!

Other Notable Changes/Issues

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