PV-1 and PBY-5a on airfield, Aleutians 1943

The Pacific Fleets Drive is on! Be sure to make edits about ships, aircraft, tactics and people who fought in the intense battles of the Pacific!

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since the previous wiki newsletter so I suppose it is about time that a new one is released. Let's start off with the fact of the day which is that today in 1944, the siege of Budapest had begun. As for changes to the wiki, besides the obvious changing improvement drive, is fairly minimal. As is now usual, the rest of the minor changes will be listed below. Our spotlight from Wikia has since ended. On a global scale, the new navigation bar at the top of each page has been modified for a new "modern" look. Back to the wiki, infoboxes have been implemented on many more articles and we are ever closer to our goal of maintaining high quality articles. 


The Wiki has now hit an incredible milestone. We have a total article count of 1,000 and image count of 2,100! It has been a long time coming, ever since I came here when there was a total of 67 articles I have imagined what it would take to get here. And here we are, just on the eve of the New Year, starting fresh with three new zeroes. Thanks to all the editors and readers who helped us reach this point and inspire us to continue into the future.

Other Notable Changes

  • The Historical Essay Section has been set up and is now ready for users to add their own research

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