Be sure to look out for this image should the wiki spotlight get approved!

Hello everyone! Ideally if you are reading this, you were directed here by the new wiki-wide notifications at the bottom of the screen. If not, then clearly they are a work in progress. Before I continue, today's historical fact is the appointment of General Bernard Montgomery as head of the Eighth Army in North Africa. Anyway, as many of you may have noticed, I have imported some scripts to implement some new tools for editing such as the ready-made edit summary list. Also notably, the top navigation bar has been dramatically changed to be far more effective at providing links to as many important sections of the wiki as possible. The new Community section has several sub-headings for basic policies and guidelines, links to the About Us page and Community Portal.

Next we have Machinery which has sub-headings for the basic list pages for their respective topics such as the Artillery of World War II list. Finally we have the Theaters heading which stayed the same and the Units heading which redirects to all lists of Army, Naval, and Air Force units. Albeit most of these haven't been created yet, it's a good start. MadMarek has been tinkering with the Ship Infobox template and it is now available for use, ready to implemented on more articles. Seeing as most of those who voted on the main page poll petitioned us to focus on wiki articles, getting proper infoboxes/navboxes couldn't come fast enough.

Meanwhile, I formally put in a request for a wiki spotlight now that our stub amount has finally come through. For those that have in fact been directed here through said spotlight, welcome to the wiki! 

Other Notable Changes (UPDATED)

  • List of Unsorted Information renamed to Unsorted Information
  • Citation Policy reworded for more clarity
  • Transfer Policy made more specific; Pages cannot be exported to other wikis without author consent/attribution
  • The bot PanzerKnacker is available for mass-edits upon request and or need
  • Userbox Achievements have been removed while further changes are made, Wikia Achievements reinstated
  • The German Wiki has begun importing untranslated articles, any help with translation is appreciated
  • Ships of World War II page updated with nation's flags
  • The color theme of the wiki has been shifted to a more olive drab shade of green for testing, please comment here about the change. 

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