Hello dedicated WWII community,

I, Fargo84, would like to thank each and every one of you for your contributns and using your time to add to our collection of WWII knowledge. When I first started, the wiki looked abandoned, but then I saw the community and that community has helped me add more and more. I also said that I hoped to make this the ultimate source of WWII information. Well I can already see that dream coming true. Furthermore, I would like to add some of the recent updates on the wiki since there are too few to create a newsletter post.


  1. Wunderwaffe Month is quikly nearing its end I hope everyone will try to add some wunderwaffe articles.
  2. An Image Archive category has been created should anyone like to find historical images from WWII for articles or just to view them. Please do not add any photos that were not taken from 1937-1945.

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