PaK 43, Normandy

A PaK 43, still preserved in Normandy

Today, seventy-one years ago was the beginning of the Normandy Landings. The date which many say marked the effective downfall of Nazi Germany. Of course by this time, Allied paratroopers had already been dropped behind German lines in France and the German offensives in the East had been all but destroyed. The Normandy Landings were the result of months of planning and tactics being combined into a huge gamble, but in the end, they paid off with the successful liberation of Western Europe. If they prevented years worth of further fighting in the East and in Italy is left up to speculation by historians, however they were paramount in tying down hundreds of thousands of German troops and resources. So this anniversary, be sure to remember the sacrifices made by the thousands of troops on all sides of the deadly endeavor. Because no amount of years can diminish their significance. 

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