Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B

Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B was the official designation for the Jagdtiger Heavy tank destroyer. Ordinance number Sd. Kfz. 186 was a lengthened Tiger II chassis with a 128mm PaK 80 mounted in a casemate (fully attached/non-moving) turret, with armor up to 250mm thick (front of casemate). This style of tank production allowed for bigger guns and ease of production, but was somewhat of a hassle for the six man crew as the gun could only turn so much to the sides before they would be required to turn the whole tank (10 degrees Left or Right). Production began in July of 44', with the first combat units being equipped in September of that year. They were issued to only two different units, one was the 653rd Schwere Panzerjager Battalion, receiving there first on 6th September 1944 while there 1st and new 3rd companies were in Vienna. Officially 512th Schwere Panzerjager Battalion received there first on January 30th of 45', though it has been said that they were truly delivered in early Febuary. Earlier one Jagdtiger (possibly one of the Prototypes) was delivered to Panzerjäger-Lehrgang Mielau training range in June 44', three more were delivered in August that year. Two may have been received by 510th Schwere Panzer Battalion or the 501st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion (crewed by either men from the 653rd or by SS crew members), though this is unsure. The Jagdtigers of 3rd Company 653rd engaged American froces around the town of Rimling during Operation Nordwind
Knocked out Jagdtiger of 653rd Schwere Panzerjäger near Rimling, January 5, 1945

This Jagdtiger near Rimling took a lucky shot from a U.S. Bazooka, causing it's rounds to explode

and was said to have taken out several targets, including an M4 Sherman Tank. Eventually the 653rd surrendered it's forces while fighting with Army Group Ostmark close to Linz. Otto Carius was in command of the 512th when it received it's Jagdtigers, he command them during the battle of Remagen, where they were said to have destroyed around 30 Allied tanks. After vicious fighting they were trapped in the Ruhr pocket, where the 1st and 2nd companies fought out until the end, while the 3rd company broke down en route to the Harz Mountains between 10 and 15th April. The Jagdtiger was a remarkable tank, but it's engine was unreliable and, due to the nine toothed sprocket used on the tank, it was a rough ride and the gun easily disaligned. There were 85 Jagdtigers produced from beginning to end, the first eleven were of the Porsche version, which had eight road wheels, while the rest were Henschel, with nine road wheels. Some were actually armed with the 8.8cm PaK 43, though these almost surely did not see combat.

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When did the JagdTigers first Fight?


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