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USS Lexington, San Diego 1941

The USS Lexington off the coast of San Diego, 1941

The USS Lexington (CV-2), nicknamed "Lady Lex", was a Lexington class aircraft carrier that was fielded by the United States Navy. It was the lead ship for the Lexington class, however her sister ship, the USS Saratoga, was commissioned a month earlier. It participated mainly during the Pacific War, in the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Lae-Salamaua Raid, and the Raid on Rabaul. It was also used to help power a city and deliver medical supplies.


The USS Lexington was originally authorised as a Lexington class battlecruiser in 1916, however its construction was suspended in February 1922 due to the Washington Naval Treaty, when it was about 24.2 percent complete. It was redesignated and re-authorised as an aircraft carrier on 1st of June 1922. The USS Lexington was launched on the 3rd of October 1925. It was commissioned on 14 December 1927.[1]

The Lexington was lost on 8 May 1942, during the Battle of the Coral Sea[2]


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