The Type 90 Field Gun was a field gun that was used by Japan during World War II.


The Type 90 fired 75 mm shells at a maximum distance of up to 15,000 meters. The rate of fire of the Type 90 was about 10 rounds per minute and the muzzle velocity was 679.7 meters per second.[1]

The elevation ranged from -8 degrees to +43 degrees and the total weight of the gun was 1,270 kg. The Type 90 featured wooden wheels (which would later be changed), a muzzle brake, and a protective shield for the crew. It was also meant to be towed by pack animals. The total length of the Type 90 was 5 meters and it could fire HE, shrapnel, armor piercing, smoke, and incendiary rounds.[2] Each shell weighed about 6.5 kg and the HE shell had a kill radius of 22 meters if used against infantry.


The Type 90 had one variant. This variant was the motorized version which had metal wheels and a modified suspension system. As the name suggests, it was meant to be towed by motor vehicles, not pack animals. The Motorized version weighed 181.4 kg heavier.[3]


A Type 90 Field Gun Metal Wheels

A Type 90 Field Gun Motorized Version.

The Type 90 was first produced in 1932 and it was meant to replace the older Type 38 Field Gun. It was based on the Canon de 85 modèle 1927 made by Schneider, but it was moderately modified. The first combat usage of the Type 90 was during the Soviet-Japanese Border Conflicts and it proved very effective. It also saw some combat in China and was later deployed to the Pacific. It was usually used to take out American tanks like the Sherman. Among the islands where it was deployed were the Philippines, the Iwo Jima, and the Okinawa. Like many other successful weapons fielded by Japan, some were sent back to the home islands to guard against invasion. In total, about 700 were made throughout the war. Some Type 90s were converted in to Type 3 Tank Guns for the Type 3 Chi-Nu.



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