The Type 3 Chi-Nu was a medium tank that was constructed by Japan during World War II, though it was not used in action.


The Chi-Nu had a crew of five men and a Mitsubishi Type 100 engine that was capable of propelling it at speeds of up to 39 km/h.[1]It had a total weight of 18,500 kg and a total length of 5.6 meters. For crew protection, it had up to 50 mm of armor plating and an armament that consisted of a 75 mm Type 3 main gun and a 7.7 mm machine gun.

The Chi-Nu also had a range of 210 kilometers. The Type 3 was based upon the Type 97 Chi-Ha chassis and was of a more combat effective design. It was designed specifically for the purpose of combating the M4 Sherman tanks that had been advancing through the Pacific and in these respects, it would have performed well. Although, like many other Japanese designs, it was still flawed and obviously more advanced tank development ideas and techniques had not spread to Japan by the time they were necessary. One key flaw was that it had a high silhouette meaning it could be hit easier than other tanks.[2] No variants were ever made to the original Chi-Nu system.


The Type 3 Chi-Nu was first developed in 1943. It was a direct counter-measure against heavier allied tanks, at least until a better tank could be developed. Although, even with the need for a heavier tank, little emphasis was placed on tank development and very few were made. Even by 1945, only around 144 had been produced.[3] It is unknown whether any Chi-Nu's were ever sent into combat in the Pacific but it is for certain that most if not all were left in Japan to defend against Allied invasion.



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