The Type 1 AT Gun was an Anti-tank gun that was used by Japan during World War II.


The Type 1 could fire 47 mm shells at a distance of over 6,700 meters and required a crew of three men in order to properly operate. The gun was reliable in the field but like most Japanese weapons, it was highly ineffective against virtually all Allied tanks except for the M3 Stuart which with some attempts it could knock out. However, the M3 was largely used in the jungle in the early part of the war with M4 Shermans equipped with such things as flamethrowers in the latter part of the war. The maximum range was around 6,900 meters.

The Type 1 had a total weight of about 800 kilograms and a total length of about three meters. If the enemy tank got within 500 meters, dangerously close for the crew, the Type 1 could knock out a tank with up to 60 mm of armor. Its muzzle velocity was around 830 meters per second. The gun could traverse a total of fifty-eight degrees in both directions and elevate from negative eleven degrees to eighteen degrees. The effective rate of fire of the Type 1 with a full crew was typically around fifteen rounds per minute.[1]


The first and only variant of the Type 1 was the Type 1 Tank Cannon conversion which had been designed so that the gun could be used on armored vehicles, most notably the Type 97 Chi-Ha.


The Type 1 was initially developed in 1939 after combat experience gained against Soviet troops proved that then standard anti-tank weapons were outdated and unsatisfactory for future tank warfare. However, by the time that the war had progressed onto the full-fledged Pacific War, the Type 1 was not even supplied in enough quantity in order for it to effect Allied tank movements at the time.[2] When it was finally mass-produced, tank armor and tactics had progressed to the point where the Type 1 itself was outdated. The Type 1 served from then on until the end of the war. In total, around 2,300 units were produced during the war.



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