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The Tribal-class destroyer was a class of twenty-six heavily armed destroyers used by Great Britain and several of her commonwealths during World War II. First conceived in 1934 using the designs from a cancelled light cruiser class, the Tribals were fast and durable, earning them praise from their crews. They were built between 1936 and 1945, and were armed with eight 4.7 inch guns, four QF 2 pounder AA guns, eight .5 inch machine guns, and four torpedo tubes.[1] They were used by the Royal Navy (16 including 12 war losses), Royal Australian Navy (3), and Royal Canadian Navy (7).[2]

Ships Built

Great Britain

HMS Afridi

HMS Ashanti,

HMS Bedouin,

HMS Cossack,

HMS Eskimo,

HMS Gurkha,

HMS Maori,

HMS Mashona,

HMS Matabele,

HMS Mohawk,

HMS Nubian,

HMS Punjabi,

HMS Sikh,

HMS Somali,

HMS Tartar,

HMS Zulu,

Royal Canadian Navy

HMCS Athabaskan (I),

HMCS Athabaskan (II),

HMCS Cayuga,

HMCS Nookta,

HMCS Haida,

HMCS Huron,

HMCS Iroquois,

HMCS Micmac,

Royal Australian Navy

HMAS Arunta,

HMAS Bataan,

HMAS Warramunga,


  2. McMurtrie, Francis E. (Editor) Jane's Fighting Ships of World War 2. Tiger Books International. ISBN 0517679639

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