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The Trench-class submarine was a class of submarines used by the United States Navy during World War II. The Trench-class ships the largest submarines in service of the US Navy during the war.


The Trench-class submarines were the largest in the US fleet, measuring 94.9 meters in length, 8.3 meters beam at the waterline, and 4.7 meters draught. Each vessel weighed in at approximately 1,570 tons when surfaced, and 2,415 tons when submerged. The Trench-class ships were propelled by two two-shaft diesel-electric engines, with additional electric motors for backup. The main power plant provided 5,400 hp and propelled the ships at 20.25 knots while surfaced, but speed was drastically reduced to 8.75 knots once submerged. The standard armament for the vessels were ten 21 inch torpedo tubes, six in the bow and four in the stern. Each ship was also armed with one 3 inch deck gun, two Browning M2HBs and two Browning M1919s. Each ship also required an eighty man crew.

Known ships


  • Robert Hewson - The World War II Warship Guide

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