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The Rocket Launcher T34, officially cataloged as the 4.5-inch Rocket Launcher T34, and also known as the T34 Calliope, was a tank-mounted multiple rocket launcher used by the United States during World War II.


The T34 launcher consisted of sixty 4.5-inch (107 mm) rocket tubes mounted above the tank's turret, which could be fired individually or all at once.[1]

The rocket tubes were grouped into three major clusters. The upper group held 36 tubes in two rows of 18. The two lower groups were divided between the left and right sides, and consisted of 12 rockets in two rows of six.[2]

The launcher itself was aimed with the same controls as the tank's main gun, which it was linked to electronically. The entire device could be removed from the tank through use of hydraulics.[2]

The launcher was commonly mounted to the M4 Sherman and its variants. These include all the major sub variants of the tank from the M4A1 to the M4A6.[2]






  • T34: The initial version's elevating strut connects directly to the tank's barrel. The main gun could not be fired with this rocket setup mounted. [2]
  • T34E1: This variant's rocket tubes were made from magnesium. The launcher connected to an adapter in the tank's gun mantlet, allowing the main cannon to fire.[2]


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