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A T32 Heavy Tank.

The T32 Heavy Tank was an up-armored development of the M26 Heavy Tank. It had a Ford GAC Engine that was capable of propelling it at speeds of up to 36 km/h. It also had a crew of five men and an armament that consisted of a single 90mm main gun and three machine guns.

The T32 also had a 54,000 kg weight and a 7 meter total length. Armor thickness on the vehicle was around 200mm.[1]


A variant of the T32, the E1 model, eliminated the hull machine gun, making it even more adapt at repelling enemy rounds. Four pilot models were produced towards the end of the war, but development stopped when the war ended.


The T32 was designed to have equal mobility to its predecessor but with thicker 203 mm armor and a more powerful gun, the same high-velocity T15E2 90 mm gun used in the T26E4.[2] To achieve those goals with a greater 50,000 kg weight, the 770 hp Ford GAC of the T29 Super Heavy Tank was used, as well as a new cross-drive transmission and steering system was fitted, all of which kept the top speed at about 35.4 km/h.

The most noticeable change was the lengthened 7-meter-long hull, which fitted an extra set of road wheels, bringing the total to 7, halfway between the M26's 6 and T29's 8. The new heavy gun meant that a counterweight had to be added to the rear of the turret, but thanks to the increased armor acting as a weight of its own, the counterweight was smaller than the T26E4's.



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