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The T14 Assault Tank was a joint attempt at developing a tank between the United States of America and Great Britain meant to produce a tank for both nations to use in combat.


The head of the American Ordnance Department met with British officials in late 1941 to discuss tanks that were better armed and armored than the Churchill tank, which was proving to be a failure after the disastrous Dieppe Raid. In December of that year, work began on designing a tank mounting either an American 75 mm gun or a British 57 mm 6-pounder, with 50 rounds of ammunition stowed for either, as well as provisions for the American 76.2 mm gun or 105 mm howitzer. Two 7.62 mm machine guns were mounted, one in the bow and one in the turret, as well as a roof mounted 12.7 mm machine gun. The design was supposed to use as many M4 Medium Tank components as possible. Some features from the M6 Heavy Tank were also included, such as armor protection for the suspension. Although the British ordered 8,500 examples in March of 1942, pilot production was very slow, and by the time an example was produced to evaluate in 1944, the Churchill had redeemed itself. So, in December 1944, the design was scrapped. Weighing forty-one tons, and with heavily sloped 4 inch armor, it was "a lot of tank for only a 75 mm gun". It was also very slow, reaching speed of only eighteen mph with its 520 hp Ford GAZ engine.