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The T-28 Medium Tank was developed by the Soviet Union during World War II.


The T-28 was a medium tank developed by the Soviet Union. It had 3 turrets, 1 with the main cannon and the other 2 mounting machine guns. It was powered by a Mikulin M-17 V12 engine generating 500 hp. It had a top speed of 37 km/h and a maximum range of 220 km. The T-28 had a crew of 6, Driver, Gunner, loader, Commander, and 2 hull machine gunners.

Despite being classified as a medium tank, it had inadequate protection to take hits. Only a maximum of 30 mm of armor. It mounts the short barreled 76.2 mm KT-28 cannon, and 3 or 7.62 mm DT machine guns, 2 in the hull turrets, and 1 or 2 in the turret.



The T-28 was in many ways influenced by the British A1E1 Independant. In the early 1930s the Red Army needed a Medium Tank that would fit soundly within their doctrine, leading to development of the T-28. The primary turret originally housed a 47mm main gun, but was changed to house the short-barreled 76mm KT-28 cannon.





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