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Sonderanhänger 115

The Sonderanhänger 115

The Sonderanhänger 115 was a trailer that was used by Germany during World War II.


The Sonderanhänger 115 was a light tank transporter with a maximum payload of up to 10,000 kilograms.[1] It was typically transported by an SdKfz 9 half-track and although it was designated as a tank transporter, the Sd. Ah. 115 also had the ability and was typically used to transport just about any other light armored vehicle such as SdKfz 250s and other armored cars. The total weight of the system itself was around 5,000 kilograms while its total length was 9.6 meters.[2]


The Sonderanhänger 115 was initially developed in 1937 with models first entering service with the Heer in 1938.[3] Following its introduction, the Sd. Ah. 115 was standardized for carrying light vehicles and it saw widespread use throughout the Polish campaign, retrieving damaged and knocked out vehicles to be repaired and scrapped of resources. 


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