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SdKfz 247 Ausf. B

An SdKfz 247 Ausf. B at the UK War & Peace show

The SdKfz 247 was an armored car that was used by Germany during WWII. It had a Horch 3.5 Engines that was capable of propelling it at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. The SdKfz 247 also had a crew of six men and an armament that consisted of a single MG 34 mounted in a gunner position. 

The total length of the SdKfz 247 was about 5 meters while the total weight was about 4,000 kilograms.[1] The 247's armor protection was about 8mm thick. Although the 247 was armed with an MG 34, the car itself was designed for reconnaissance purposes only as was the thinly protected crew compartment and open roof.

The 247 also had a 4 speed forward, 1 speed reverse transmission system and had good reliability. Although, the Ausf. A model had very limited capability for traveling cross-country and as was advised by the crew's superiors, the SdKfz 247 was limited to mainly roads only.


The first and only variant of the SdKfz 247 armored car series was the Ausf. B version. It had an improved chassis and an improved maximum range of 400 kilometers. Furthermore, the engine of the Ausf. B was upgraded. In total, about 58 of the Ausf. B model were made.


The SdKfz 247 was first developed 1937 and the Ausf. A model was produced later the same year. However, the Ausf. B was only produced several years later in 1941. The cars were used in limited service throughout the war. In total, 68 examples were made.[2] Because of few were built, it is very rare for wartime photographs of the vehicles in service to arise. Furthermore, no examples still survive to today.



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