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The SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther was a German tank destroyer used during World War II.


Based on the chassis of the Panther tank, the SdKfz 173 had a PaK 43 for its main gun, supplemented by a pair of rifle caliber machine guns. The Jagdpanther had a 700 hp (522 kW0) Maybach HL 230 petrol engine, capable of propelling it at speeds of up to 28.6 mph (46 km/h) and distances of up to 99.4 miles (160 km), and required crew of five men to function.[1]


Production of the Jagdpanther began in January 1944 and continued until Germany surrendered, by which time 392 examples had been built, with the first examples entering service in June 1944.[2] The Jagdpanther was mostly used on the Eastern Front, where its main gun proved effective against even the most powerful Soviet tanks, including the IS-2. They were also used in the Ardennes Offensive.[3]


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