Pignone Flamethrower schematics

The schematics of a Pignone M1937.

The Pignone M1937 was a Romanian flamethrower produced in the late 1930s. It saw service in World War II with the Romanian Armed Forces.


After World War I, the combat effectiveness of flamethrowers in close-quarters battles had been showcased and many armies were producing flamethrowers. The Romanian Army designed the Pignone in 1937, and it was adopted for military service. Much like the M2 Flamethrower, the Pignone was fed from two gas large 12-litre gas canisters that were worn on the user's back, and the overall length of the flamethrower was 1 meter. It weighed approximately 26 kilograms and could deliver sustained ignition for around 15 seconds. The flames could reach distances up to 22 metres.[1]



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