The Panzer 35(t), or LT-35, was a light tank designed in Czechoslovakia by Skoda Works and used mainly by Germany and Romania during World War II.


The tank was armed with a 3.7 cm KwK 34(t) main gun and two secondary 7.92 mm CZ Vzor 37 machine guns, and featured riveted armor. Although generally reliable, the tank's reputation was sullied during its early life when it suffered a few mechanical faults.[1]


Developed in 1934, the Panzer 35(t) entered production in 1935 as the LT-35, and served as the main battle tank of the Czech Army in the years before the German invasion, with some examples being sold to Romania, and over 200 examples being modified for German use following the invasion in March 1939. Produced in Axis Europe until 1941, these remained in front line service until the Invasion of Russia, when they were relegated to secondary roles such as artillery tractor.[1]

In 1938 the type began to be succeeded by the LT-38 in Czech service.[2]


  1. This was developed from the renowned Skoda anti-tank gun of the same caliber


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