This article is about the PTRS-41, you may be referring to the other Soviet anti-tank rifle known as the PTRD-41

The PTRS-41 was a semi-automatic, gas-operated, AT Rifle that was used by the Soviet Union during World War II.


It was produced by the Simonov design bureau, and fired the 14.5x114mm Cartridge (the same round used by the PTRD-41 [1]) fed into the breech from a five round internal magazine.[2] The round could penetrate up to 40 mm armor at about 100 meters (although the armor had to be at a 90 degree angle, and the rifle needed to be equipped with BS-41 bullets). The PTRS-41 weighed 20.9 kg and was 210.8 cm long, including the 121.6 cm barrel. By 1943, the PTRS-41 was rarely able to penetrate most German tank armor. However, the Soviets used it due to a lack of indigenous rocket launchers. In addition, the PTRS effectively combated lighted armored vehicles and, while cumbersome to carry, could be used in an urban environment.

Also notable, the PTRS-41 could be operated effectively by just two men and was well capable of being given to partisans to disrupt supply lines. For easier transport, the PTRS could also be broken up into two sections. [3] Compared to the contemporary PTRD-41, the PTRS was produced in fewer numbers due to its more complex mechanical operation.


The PTRS-41 was designed by Sergei Simonov of the Simonov design bureau in 1938 and put into widespread production by 1941 to equip the Red Army with an anti-tank weapon that could help stem the tide of German armored vehicles. In the early days of the German invasion of Russia, German forces pressed captured examples into service as the 14.5-mm Panzerabwehrbuchse 748(r).[1] Regardless of the fact that the PTRS-41 could not penetrate more modern German armored vehicles, it served with the Red Army until 1945 in fairly large numbers.


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