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No. 41 Squadron

The insignia of No. 41 Squadron

No. 41 was a fighter squadron that served in the Royal Air Force during World War II. Its motto was "Seek and Destroy" and it was originally formed in 1916. The squadron was initially armed with the Airco D.H.2 and then D.H.5 fighters. As of the Second World War, No. 41 was the third British squadron to have received the Supermarine Spitfire. Subsequently, the squadron kept these aircraft and their sub-variants until the end of the war.


The first World War II era commander of No. 41 Squadron was


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Pre WW2

Originally formed at Fort Rowner, Gosport, by the redesignation of an element of No 28 Squadron on 15 April 1916, No. 41 was disbanded at Croydon on 31 December 1919,[N 1] before being reformed at Northolt on 1 April 1923. Initially equipped with various biplane fighters, the squadron converted to Spitfires in January 1939, at which time they adopted squadron code PN. This was replaced with EB following the declaration of war in September.[1]


  1. Between 22 May and 14 July 1916, the unit was known as 27 Reserve Squadron.[1]



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