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M10 Tank Destroyer 1
M10 Tank Destroyer
Production Information

Tank destroyer

Technical Specifications

6 meters


29.93 tons


1 x 375 hp GMC 6046 6-71 engine


48.2 kph


20 mm to 50 mm



  • Tank destroyer
  • Self-propelled gun
Year introduced



The M10 Tank Destroyer, M10 Wolverine, or M10 Gun Motor Carriage was a tank destroyer that was used by the United States during World War II.


The M10 had a crew of five and it had a top speed of about 48.2 km/h. It was also powered by a water cooled, 375 hp, GMC 6046 twin diesel 6-71 engine and it could carry around 620 liters of fuel.[1] The M10 had around 20 mm to 25 mm of armor in and around the tank, though the front gun mantlet had around 50 mm worth of armor.

It was also built on the chassis of an M4A2 Sherman Tank. However, unlike its base, the M10 did not have a Browning M1919 mounted in its bow. Instead, it was armed with the 76.2 mm M7 gun and a 12.7 mm Browning M2HB mounted on a turret ring. Furthermore, the M10 was around six meters long and weighed 29,937 kilograms. It had a 5 speed forward and 1 speed backward transmission.


The M10A1 was a variant of the M10 in which a M4A3 Sherman base was used. It was also about 907 kilograms lighter than the original M10 and it was powered by a 500 hp, gasoline run, Ford GAA engine. Another change is that the M10A1 could carry around 720 liters of fuel and it had slightly thicker armor in the back of the hull. The Achilles Mk IC and Achilles Mk IIC were both British modifications of the M10 and the M10A1. They both had the quick-firing 17-pounder main gun and were both used in campaigns such as those in Italy and France.[2]


The M10 was put into production in 1942 and the M10A1 started production later that year. The M10 was first brought into service in North Africa where it faced Italian and German tanks for the first time. It did respectively well, earning its place among the American tank destroyers and replacing the earlier M3 Half-Track conversion. From then on, the M10 and the M10A1 were both used in the European Theater. They were used in campaigns such as the breakout from Normandy to the crossing of the Rhine. It also fought in other campaigns such as those in the Pacific, though admittedly less effectively. Notably, in the Battle of the Bulge, several Panzer V Panthers were dressed up to look like M10 tank destroyers in a deception campaign.  M10s were still being used after World War II by countries such as China. In total, around 5,000 examples were produced during the war.



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