Infantry Assault Badge

An example Infantry Assault Badge

The Infantry Assault Badge was an award that was given out to Waffen SS and Regular Heer troops that had participated in at least three days worth of combat.[1] It was established in December of 1939.


The Infantry Assault Badge had two different versions of itself, the bronze and silver versions. However, the bronze version was by no means any lower class than the Silver version. The difference between the two was that the silver version was meant to be earned by regular infantry while the bronze version was meant to be used by motorized infantry or Panzergrenadiers.

The badge itself featured a Karabiner 98k rifle with an S84/98 III Bayonet attached along with an eagle grasping a swastika above it. Surrounding both designs was an oval of oak leaves.[2] The badge was 46mm across and 63mm long. Approximately 940,000 badges of this type were issued during the war. 


  1. Lepage. Denis-Jean. The Illustrated Handbook of FlaK. The History Press (2012), Pages 67

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