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The Gato-class submarines were a class of seventy-seven American submarines used during World War II.


The Gato-class could hold a maximum of twenty-four torpedoes which could be launched from ten torpedo tubes. They were also armed with one 3 inch deck gun and a variety of smaller anti-aircraft weapons. Measuring 307 feet by 27 feet by 14 feet, Gato-class submarines had a typical displacement of 1,525 tons. General Motors Diesel engines and electric motors provided 6,500 brake horsepower, resulting in a speed of 21 knots.[1]


An improved version of the Tambor-class, ships of the Gato-class was built between 1940 and 1944 under the 1939-41 program, at an estimated cost of $6,288,200.[1] Serving mostly in the Pacific Theater, they accounted for the bulk of the US Navy's submarine fleet during the war, and were highly effective against Japanese surface ships.

Nineteen ships of the class were lost during World War II.[1]


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