Flak Badge

An example of the Flak Badge

The Flak Badge was an award that was given by Germany during World War II.


The badge was established on January 10th, 1941 by Hermann Göring. It was given to military personnel who participated in anti-aircraft operations. In order to be awarded the badge, one must gain sixteen total points. The way the points worked was that if one located an incoming aircraft, they would receive one point. If one participated in downing the aircraft whether shining searchlights or actually shooting it down with the assistance of others, one would receive two points.[1]

Finally, if one shot down an aircraft alone, they would receive four. However, as the war progressed and bombing raids became more and more persistant, the criteria for being awarded the badge was much more lenient and often modified.

The badge itself was 56.9mm long and 43.5mm wide. The total weight of the badge was about 30 grams. On the badge was a German eagle surrounded by oak leaves with a 88mm FlaK 18 below it. There was only one type of Flak Badge, meaning that there were not any higher or lower awards. The materials that the medal was made of varied, but it was often zinc.[2]



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