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A Fallshirmjäger soldier fighting in Normandy with a panzerfaust and rifle

The Fallshirmjäger was the branch of the German armed forces that utilized paratroopers and air drops. The Fallshirmjäger itself was in reality part of the German Luftwaffe. The Fallshirmjäger were the first paratroops to ever have large operations against the enemy utilizing. The fundamental idea of the Fallshirmjäger was elite, light infantry that could penetrate enemy lines and secure critical positions quickly. They were well armed with things such as the exclusive FG 42 and Panzerfaust.

The main transports for Fallshirmjäger troops in air drops were the Junkers Ju 52 and DFS 230.


The Fallshirmjäger was first formed in 1936 by Kurt Student and began service as early as 1940 during the invasion of Norway and Denmark.[1] From then on the Fallshirmjäger fought on until 1941 when after the Battle of Crete, they had suffered heavy casualties. At that point, it was decided that it was too costly to use Fallshirmjäger troops in air drops over enemy positions.



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