European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

The European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

The European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign Medal was an American campaign medal that was given to all service members who served in the North African Campaign and the European Theater.


The medal was established on November 6, 1942 and was discontinued in 1945 after the end of the war. It featured a brown, green, black, and red ribbon and the medal itself was made of bronze. The ribbon was 3.4 cm long. On the medal are the words "European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal" and a picture of US troops exiting an LST.[1] The backside of the medal has the words "United States of America" with the numbers "1941-1945" just above a bald eagle.

In order to earn the medal, one must have fought in combat in the European Theater (or North Africa) or have been on temporary duty for 30 consecutive days. The medal below the European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign Medal in precedence was the World War II Victory Medal.



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