Panzer III Production

A Panzer III passing rows of unused tracks

During the war, numerous types of tanks were developed and even captured/used by Germany during the war. As exemplified in early war doctrine, the tank was the key vehicle in the German tactic of Blitzkrieg which required quick movement and coordination. 

German tank doctrine had changed though later into the war and instead, tanks were used to combat other armored vehicles. As exemplified in the Eastern Front, German tanks became heavier and gained thick armor. The ideal was to mechanical superiority over numbers of vehicles and it was doubtful that German production could have supported such large numbers of vehicles anyway. 

Vehicle Production Values
Panzer I (All models) 1,890 units
Panzer II (All models) 3,400 units
Panzer III (All models) 16,400 units
Panzer IV (All models) 13,500 units
Panzer V Panther (All models) 6,550 units
Tiger I (All models) 1,360 units
Tiger II (All models) 560 units
Panzer 38(t) (All models) 6,600 units
Panzer 35(t) (All models) 430 units
Panzer VIII Maus 10 prototypes

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