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SdKfz 11 Production

Several SdKfz 11 chassis' in the production line

Throughout the war, Germany had developed numerous different types of half tracks used for various different purposes. Below are the production values for these vehicles.

Half Tracks were crucial to the German Wehrmacht's advance through Europe. They served in a number of roles and were usually reliable, something that was not common on the battlefield. Furthermore, their combat effectiveness and ability to increase the effectiveness of units like tank divisions and infantry made them a standard part of the Wehrmacht.

Half-Tracks in German doctine were designed ideally to support infantry and make sure that they were able to keep up with advancing panzer divisions, though the reality was that oftentimes the half-tracks simply were not made in the quantities needed for effective mechanization of infantry. (Production values are estimates).

Vehicles Production Values
SdKfz 250 (All Models) 6,600 units
SdKfz 251 (All Models) 15,200 units
SdKfz 1 Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper 825 units
SdKfz 2 Kleines Kettenkrad 8,300 units
SdKfz 6 (All Models) 3,000 units
SdKfz 7 (All Models) 3,600 units
SdKfz 8 (All Models) 4,000 units
SdKfz 9 (All Models) 2,500 units
SdKfz 10 (All Models) 17,600 units
SdKfz 11 9,000 units
SdKfz 252 400 units 
SdKfz 253 400 units

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