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Battle of Metz

US troops in Metz

The Battle of Metz was a battle waged between US and German forces in 1944. The battle occurred in the town of Metz in France and it lasted about three months. The beginning of the Battle of Metz was on September 18th and the end was on December 13th. Being between France and Germany, Metz was a very strategic town and it was up to General George S. Patton Jr. to break through the defenses set up by German forces.

The battle resulted in heavy casualties for both the United States and Germany along with a US victory, but in a way, German forces had succeeded in halting the US forces for a fairly long period of time.

Planning and PreparationEdit

In defense of Metz, German forces had set up several forts that are about 3 km away from the center of Metz. There were about 4 divisions of German forces located in the Metz area. The German forces had also received the command to hold out until the end by Hitler. The city of Metz was a maze of tunnels and trenches and the leader of the German forces was Heinrich Otto von Knobelsdorff .

The BattleEdit

The Battle of Metz had been preluded by the Invasion of Normandy and rapid progress of allied forces across France. Although, eventually US forces were bogged down in terrible weather and they were even running low on supplies.[1]



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