Panzers attached to Großdeutschland, Kursk 1943

Tanks of the Großdeutschland division at Kursk, 1943

The Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle to take place in World War II. The two main forces were the Soviet Union and Germany. The battle began on July 4, 1943 and it ended on August 23, 1943. The German codename for this battle was Operation Citadel and along with this battle being one of the biggest tank battles, the Battle of Kursk was also very costly to aerial forces as well. Note that this page also includes units operating during the Battle of Prohorovka about 87 kilometers south of Kursk.



Army Group South Order of Battle

Armies Commanders Corps Divisions
Fourth Panzer Army Hermann Hoth II SS Panzer Corps, LII Corps, XLVIII Panzer Corps, Luftflotte Four

II SS Panzer Corps: 1st SS PzGren Division, 2nd SS PzGren Division, 3rd SS PzGren Division

LII Corps: 57th Infanterie Division, 255th Infanterie Division, 332nd Infanterie Division

XLVIII Panzer Corps: 3rd Panzer Division, 11th Panzer Division, 167th Infanterie Division, Großdeutschland Division[1]

Army Detachment Kempf Werner Kempf III Panzer Corps, XI Army Corps, XLII Army Corps

III Panzer Corps: 6th Panzer Division, 7th Panzer Division, 19th Panzer Division, 168th Infanterie Division[2]

XI Army Corps "Raus": 106th Infanterie Division, 320 Infanterie Division

XLII Army Corps: 39th Infanterie Division, 161st Infanterie Division, 282nd Infanterie Division

Army Group Center Order of Battle

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Soviet Union


Voronezh Front Order of Battle

Armies Commanders Corps & Divisions

38th Army

Nikandr Chibisov

50th Rifle Corps: 167th Rifle Division, 232nd Rifle Division, 240th Rifle Division

51st Rifle Corps: 180th Rifle Division, 240th Rifle Division

204th Rifle Division

40th Army Kirill Moskalenko

47th Rifle Corps: 161st Rifle Division, 206th Rifle Division, 237th Rifle Division

52nd Rifle Corps: 100th Rifle Division, 219th Rifle Division, 309th Rifle Division

184th Rifle Division

1st Tank Army Mikhail Katukov

6th Tank Corps31st Tank Corps3rd Mechanized Corps

6th Guards Army Ivan Chistyakov

22nd Guards Rifle Corps: 67th Guards Rifle Division, 71st Guards Rifle Division, 90th Guards Rifle Division

23rd Guards Rifle Corps: 51st Guards Rifle Division, 52nd Guards Rifle Division, 375th Guards Rifle Division

89th Guards Rifle Division

7th Guards Army Mikhail Shumilov

24th Guards Rifle Corps: 15th Guards Rifle Division, 36th Guards Rifle Division, 72nd Guards Rifle Division

25th Guards Rifle Corps: 73rd Guards Rifle Division, 78th Guards Rifle Division, 81st Guards Rifle Division

213th Rifle Division

2nd Air Army Stepan Krasovski

1st Bombing Aviation Corps, 1st Assault Aviation Corps, 4th Fighter Aviation Corps, 5th Aviation Corps


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