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Battle of Berlin, Reichstag 1945

A soldier raising the Soviet flag atop Reichstag

The Battle of Berlin was the last major battle of the Eastern Front.


The Wehrmacht, with about 1 million soldiers, the Hitler Youth, and "Volkssturm" soldiers, who consisted of children ten to sixteen years old and old men, fought for Berlin for two weeks against approximately 2,500,000 Soviet soldiers. It was debated as to who was going to be the ones to lead the battle of Berlin. It was originally a "race" to Berlin between the Western allies and the Soviets although eventually the Soviets would be granted the invasion, as Berlin was to be in the designated soviet controlled zone after the war ended. The battle started on April 14, 1945, and ended May 2, 1945.

History of the BattleEdit

On 16 April 1945, the Russians, whose gunners had to keep their mouths open when they fired, in order to stop their eardrums bursting, used 22,000 guns and mortars to fire enough shells to fill 2,450 frieght cars, while simultanously blinding the defenders with searchlights.[1]


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