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The Autoblinda 41, or AB 41, was a four wheel drive armored car that was used by Italy during World War II.


It had a crew of 4 and could reach speeds of up to 49 mph. The Autoblinda 41 was the successor of the Autoblinda 40, which was produced in extremely low numbers. Some Autoblinda 40s were even converted into Autoblinda 41s.

The Autoblinda 41 included two 8mm Breda modello 38 machine guns and it could also be fitted to travel on railways.[1] It carried a 20mm Breda Modello 35 and it had a water-cooled, gasoline powered, SAP Abm 1 engine.

The Autoblinda 41 weighed around 16,500 pounds and had the ability to change from road tires to sand tires, which were mainly used in North Africa. The armor thickness was around 0.1 inches (3mm) to 0.3 inches (9mm) for the total vehicle and it had a 6 forward, 4 reverse transmission. The length of the Autoblinda was about 17' 1" and it could generally carry about 456 rounds of 20mm ammunition and about 2,000 rounds of MG ammunition.


The Autoblinda 41 was used extensively by the Italians during the North African Campaign. It was also used in the Balkans and in Italy. The Balkans in particular were where the Autoblinda 41 was mainly used, usually for patrol on railways. There was also a version of the Autoblinda 41 which did not include
Autoblinda 41

This Autoblinda acted as a command vehicle.

a turret. and it was mainly used as a command vehicle. During the time Autoblindas were in North Africa, Italian forces made good use of them in reconnaissance operations.

Another model was the Autoblinda 43, which was designed to have a 47mm gun, but it numbered very few since it was designed so close to Italy’s surrender.[2] The main manufacturer of the Autoblinda 41 was Ansaldo and about 550 were made over the course of the war.



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