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The Asashio-class destroyer was a class of destroyers used by Japan during World War II.


The Asashio-class had a crew of 200 and maximum speed was about 35 knots. The ship was powered by a 2 geared shaft turbines generating 50,000 shaft horsepower.

The ship also had three boilers and a capacity of 453,592.3 kg of oil. The displacement of the ship was 2,150,027 kg and the draught was 3.6 meters. The length of the Asashio-class was 111 meters pp, 115 meters waterline, and 118 meters OA.

The beam of the ship was 10.3 meters and armament was twenty-eight Type 96 AA Guns, six Type 3 Naval Guns, four 13 mm AA guns, and eight torpedo tubes. The main Type 3 Naval Guns had a max elevation of 55 degrees. The range of an Asashio-class destroyer was about 10,556.4 kilometers. One notable feature of the Asashio-class was that it was equipped with sonar and some later models were equipped with radar. The design itself was similar to other destroyers like the Fubuki-class destroyer, but the Asashio-class had a special steam turbine that was prone to malfunctions.


The Asashio-class was first accepted in 1934 and was laid down between 1935-1936.[1] The Asashio-class was created because of the freedom granted by the expiring of the London Naval Treaty. It replaced the older Shiratsuyu-class destroyer.

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