The AEC Armored Car was an armored car that was used by Great Britain during World War II.


The AEC had a 105 hp, AEC engine that was capable or propelling it at speeds of up to 65 km/h. It also had a crew of three and an armament that consisted of 40 mm main gun, a 7.92 mm Besa Machine Gun, and a Bren Mk. II in an anti-aircraft mount. The AEC also had a grenade launcher that could fire smoke grenades.[1] The turret of the AEC was taken from the Infantry Tank Mk III.

The total weight of the AEC was approximately 9,979 kg while the total length was 5.1 meters. Armor protection varied from 7 mm to 57 mm throughout the whole car and the maximum range was 402 km.[2]

The AEC could carry fifty-eight rounds of 40 mm ammunition, 2,000 rounds of machine gun ammunition for the Besa machien gun, and about 600 rounds for the Bren. The chassis of the AEC was based on the O853 Matador Artillery Tractor which was also produced by AEC.In order to drive, the driver either had to open his hatch and expose himself to enemy fire or constantly look through a special periscope system.[3] The AEC was fairly reliable and had a good reputation on the battlefield.


The first variant of the AEC Armored Car was the Mk II and one of its notable changes was that it featured a 57 mm (6-pounder) main gun.[4] It also had an electrically powered traversing turret added and had a crew of four. The next variant was the Mk III which featured a new M3 Tank Gun added and it was followed by an experimental anti-aircraft version which featured a Crusader AA SPG turret.


AEC Armored Car Mk III

An AEC Armored Car Mk III

The AEC Armored Car was developed in 1941 before it was even ordered for production. However, after several demonstrations, it was quickly ordered. Many AECs saw extensive service in North Africa and later Italy as allied forces advanced. It was meant to serve in an infantry support role and in this it succeeded. Some AECs were used in Europe by British forces and Yugoslavian partisans were also known to use the AEC. After World War II, some AECs were known to be in use by some countries up to the 1970s.



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