The PaK 35/36 L/45, or Panzerabwehrkanone 35/36, was an anti-tank gun used by Germany during World War II.


The PaK 35/36 firing 37 mm shells that could penetrate 38 mm armor at about 365 meters. The weight of the PaK 35/36 was 327.9 kilograms and the total length was about 1.6 metres.[1]

It required at least a crew of two and the maximum range was about 5,500 metres. The muzzle velocity was about 750 metres per second and among the rounds the PaK 35/36 was able to fire were high explosive, armor piercing, and high velocity shells. The KwK 36 L/24 was actually the PaK 35/36 only it was redesignated and it was commonly used on vehicles such as the Panzer III and SdKfz 251. Another adaptation was putting a bomb on the end of the barrel that would in turn be fired at targets; this was very unsuccessful. Although it was still useful in the fact that it was highly maneuverable and it was so light that it could be sent with Fallshirmjäger paratroops.[2] The PaK 35/36 had no variants besides the original production model.

Foreign Models

The PaK 35/36 was used by copied by the Japanese and redesignated the Type 97 while Italy was given some guns and redesignated them Cannone contracarro da 37/45. Captured PaK 35/36s were given the Soviet designation M30 and the Netherlands designated the PaK, 37-mm Rheinmetall.


PaK 35-36 Gun Position, France, May 1940

German troops with a PaK 35/36 in 1940

The PaK 35/36 was created in 1925 and production began in 1928. The first combat used of the PaK 35/36 was during the Spanish Civil War in 1936 where it proved quite effective. PaKs were also used during the Fall of France in 1940 where they started to lose their effectiveness against better and improved French tanks.

They became totally obsolete in 1941 when they faced off against Soviet T-34s, but they were still used now and then by German troops. The Stielgranate 41 attempt of adding a bomb to the barrel of the PaK failed at long distance and was only effective at dangerously close distances. The PaK 35/36 was fundamentally replaced as World War II continued mainly be other, higher caliber guns such as the PaK 38.



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