20 x 110 Cartridge

Standard 20 x 110 Cartridge[1]

The 20 x 110 Cartridge was the standard ammunition for 20 mm weapons used by the Western Allies during World War II.[N 1]


Originally designed as an oiled cartridge for the HS 404, the 20x110mm was redesigned by the British to eliminate the need for oiling. Possessing a 15 to 20% higher muzzle velocity than the Oerlikon S cartridge it closely resembled, the 20x110mm initially used ball projectiles in British service, before standardisation on HE/I and AP/I ammunition.[3]


The standard 20 x 110 cartridge had a rim and body diameter of 24.8 mm. There were two HE projectile types - a 130 gram round used in most versions, which were percussion primed, and a 102 gram round for the electrically primed US M24 weapon. [N 2]



  1. The Soviet Union used a 20x99R as it's standard 20mm cartridge. [2]
  2. The United States Navy used a slighter larger version of the cartridge. With a rim diameter of 29.5 mm, body diameter of 29.3 mm, weight of 110 grams and muzzle velocity of 1,010 m/sec,[2] this cartridge was primarily used post war by the USN Mk 12 weapon.[4]


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